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Our small, historical Jamestown community has evolved into becoming a popular destination for food and entertainment.

In keeping with the town’s popularity, our salon has made changes we feel reflect our desire to join in with this progression. We did not settle for changing our look. Our service menu has expanded, we have raised our level of expertise through advanced training and incorporated an extensive line of leading edge products for the hair and skin.

We invite you to discover French Twist, hair and skin beauty bar. We marry southern hospitality with a boutique salon experience. We offer private services in an intimate and relaxed atmosphere of affordable luxury. We hope you delight in the difference that quality, combined with individualized attention can create.

We take appointments 7 days a week.

No Cash Refunds – Exchanges can be made with products and our Independent Stylists may use their discretion to offer service(s) as an exchange.


Hours are appointment only.
Appointments are available 7 days a week.

Our artists are committed to providing personalized services and give attention to the details. This level of
service requires a policy of returning calls between appointments. We encourage you to feel comfortable leaving
a message, as we look forward to sharing our experience with you.

(336) 454-4005

Kelly Irvin
Pam Cheek
Jessica Deese
Maggie Kerry
Kelly Irvin

Kelly Irvin

Employed as a Registered Nurse before pursuing her passion as a skin therapist, entrepreneur and later, nail technician. Kelly believes sanitization and cleanliness are paramount in any salon environment. Advanced education and continued hands on training courses are also essential to provide expert care. She persued her Aesthetic’s education at the Atlantic based, Aesthetic Resources. To specialize in the European approach to skin care, she completed courses at the Guinot Institute in New York. Kelly is confident in providing results.

“I love the beauty industry and partiulary the field of aesthetics. As a skin therapist, we have such a unique environment of autonomy. Here at French Twist, I work alone as the sole provider of skin care and natural nail care services. Therefore, I maintain a persuit of continued education to stay abreast of new products and services. I have an obligation to my clients to advance my education and provide a level of service they have come to expect. I owe it to myself to increase my knowledge base and feel comfortable providing treatments safely and within my scope of practice.”

Pam Cheek

Pam Cheek

Pam brings the ability to manage the total package. She can create the best look for you! Pam is a master stylist and Wella colorist with 15 years of experience in the industry. Her gift is bringing out the colors and styles that are most flattering for her client’s desired look.

Jessica Deese

Jessica Deese

Jessica Deese is an experienced cosmetologist with a strength in color, and particularly vibrant, fashionable colors. Jessica’s affinity for color has led to her advanced training in not only delivering beautiful color but also in managing color corrections that leaves hair hydrated and healthy. Her clients always benefit from her knowledge and experience. A thorough consultation provides the opportunity for her clients to relax and enjoy some quiet time for themselves, while Jessica takes care of the rest. Jessica is always confident in calculating how a color will pull up in various circumstances. Because of her thorough calculations, her clients can be completely stress-free, regardless of the color. But hair color isn’t Jessica’s only strength. Jessica has the skills to cut funky, trendy haircuts, as well as classic cuts that never go out of style. With Jessica, you can feel confident knowing your hair is in capable hands.

Jessica values maintaining a balance between family time and expressing her creativity behind the chair. “After becoming a new mom, controlling my schedule was a priority.” Jessica appreciates having flexibility in her schedule and enjoys the time she gets to spend with her son because of it. “I don’t have to miss out on Remy’s developmental stages, because I have specific days devoted to him.” Jessica feels she has the best of both worlds. Her clients continue to benefit from her expertise in delivering every color of the rainbow, and she gets to have a balanced home life.

Maggie Kerry

Maggie Kerry

My two favorite things about being a hair stylist are developing a personal relationship with my guests, and helping them see their inner beauty shine on the outside. I believe your personal salon experience should be one that is a haven from your everyday life. Where you are able to relax, unwind, and hove fun. My goal is to have you go home feeling recharged, happy and beautiful. I’m excited to have the opportunity to work with a product line called Phyto. It’s a European brand that is made with 95% botanical ingredients and essential oils. Some of the services that i offer: women’s, men’s, and children’s cuts and styles, coloring, highlights and up-do/formal styles, specializing in curly hair.


My back waxing appointments are not uncomfortable like I thought they would be.  Kelly is quick, the hair removal lasts for months and it’s inexpensive.

– – High Point NC

I’m Costa Rican and it has been difficult to find products that actually work on my age spots. The product is wonderful and Kelly has the perfect touch.

– – Virya Cranfield, Greensboro, NC

I love my complexion since I started my monthly facials.  My skin feels so soft and smooth.  My wrinkles are kept at bay while I stay hydrated.

– – Kris Scheppmann, Jamestown NC

I’ve been going to Kelly for years!  I love her facials.  She is THE BEST!

– – Jan Galloni, River Twist




French Twist stylists utilize and recommend PHYTO, a plant-based line of salon-quality hair care products imported from France. These concentrated botanicals restructure hair from the inside out, using no fillers, waxes, oils or paraffin. Extraordinarily fragrant with luxurious textures, all PHYTO products are clinically tested to ensure performance, tolerance and safety, with absolutely no animal testing. Our stylists will educate you on the recommended products for your personal hair care.



Specialty Spa Treatments

Our European facials are focused on delivering results and utilize the respected and proven Dermalogica skincare line. Dermalogica products are free of common irritants and ingredients that could cause breakouts (including lanolin, SD alcohol, mineral oil, artificial colors and fragrances) and are designed to improve skin health. The product line is only available from qualified skin care professionals trained through The International Dermal Institute.

BioActive Peel (35-55 mins.) – $100
A high-intensity, professional chemical peel designed to dramatically resurface the skin with minimal recovery time.  Our unique, multi-phase approach works with the skin’s biology to safely slough away dull epidermal layers and accelerate cell renewal without inflammation and prolonged downtime typically associated with chemical peels. I can design a series of treatments to address your specific needs, whether you’re looking to address photo aging, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone or acne breakouts.

Anti-Aging Facial (60 mins.) – $70
Are the signs of aging on your skin becoming a concern? Dermalogica’s advanced AGE SMART products will HYDRATE, BRIGHTEN and FIRM  skin that is dull or tired looking.  After one anti aging facial, that includes the EYE ZONE TREATMENT, you will leave with a toned, healthy glow. For the maximum benefit from acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, or more stubborn wrinkles we can recommend a series of a three service package or a six service package. 3/Pkg $190; 6/Pkg $350 – Up to a $70 savings!

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial (60 mins.) – $60
This treatment cleans and purifies skin, eliminating cellular secretions and impurities. It includes cleansing, steaming and a face, neck and décolletage massage. Dead skin is exfoliated and pores are extracted. A clay mask is custom mixed for each client’s skin type followed by a moisturizing application.

Moisturizing Facial (60 mins.) – $60
Your skin cleansed with a moisturizing milk cleanser infused with rose extracts. This facial deep cleans and eliminates impurities without damaging your skin’s natural protective layer. Skin is left hydrated, moisturized and soft.

Acne Facial – $70
This is the end of the line for Adult Acne! Dermalogica’s new MediBac range of products uses purifying clay-based cleansers and masques and salicylic acid based specialties to really clear up oily congested skin. This facial is a deep cleansing, pore refining facial formulated specifically to treat adult acne while addressing the needs of adult skin. Please note that if you are using Roaccutane, you cannot have this acne facial.

Glycolic Skin Resurfacing Treatment (60 mins.) – $70
This treatment deep cleanses and removes surface skin cells. It utilizes concentrated glycolic acids to eliminate sun spots, fine lines and congested pores. You may require additional treatments to obtain desired results. 3/Pkg $190; 6/Pkg $350 – Up to a $70 savings!

Teen Facial (45 mins.) – $45
This is a great start to proper skin care. Your skin is assessed and therapeutic skin care routine is advised. The steps in this facial include: deep cleansing,, steaming, facial massage, mask and light oil control lotion application.

Sportsmen’s Facial (60 mins.) – $60
The ultimate treat for the gentleman’s complexion. The skin is deep cleansed and treated with hot steam towels. Alpha hydroxy acids exfoliate and a luxurious face, neck and shoulder massage will release daily stressors. We follow up this treatment with a customized blend of botanical extracts and hydrating ingredients pulled exclusively from our gentlemen’s line.

Ultra Sensitive/Rosacea Facial (60 mins.) – $60
Living with weakened skin is not always easy; the slightest irritation causes it to overreact with itching, heat, redness and tightness. Weakened skin is essentially thinner and more delicate than the average, with a deficient hydrolipid coating. Unfortunately, it has no chance of improvement without specialized care. This skin type needs repairing active ingredients that will soothe irritation and reduce blotchiness, at the same time shielding and insulating the skin completely from daily attack.

Foil Pack 15 Minute Facelift
Experience the power of nanotechnology to impart tighter, firmer tissue around the eyes, mouth and under the chin in just 15 minutes. The 15 Minute Facelift incorporates highly effective silica peptides that penetrate deep into the skin, linking together to form a mesh that lifts and smooths wrinkles. Mimicking the effects of Botox without injections, the Facelift relaxes facial muscles, making it ideal for those unwilling to make the leap to Botox, and extending the life of injections for those who already have.

Along with peptides, the 15 Minute treatment features a combination of copper, antioxidants, vitamins C and A, and light-diffusing, micronized mineral particles that result in a brighter, more radiant appearance.

Copper: Promotes the development of collagen and elastin along with the production of hyaluronic acid. These skin hydrating molecules hold 1,000 times their own weight in moisture to leave skin feeling soft, fresh and hydrated.

Antioxidants: Protecting against sun exposure and the breakdown of collagen, Antioxidants guard against the impact of negative environmental issues like air pollution on the skin.

Vitamins C and A: Integral to skin health, vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant offering both protective and brightening effects. Used in combination with vitamin A, as it is in the Facelift Mask, it helps promote the production of collagen, decreases inflammation, brightens sun spots and lightens age spots.

The positive effects of the 15 Minute Facelift last for 7 to 10 days. Optimal effects are achieved with weekly applications. The 15 Minute Facelift can be added to a facial service for an upcharge of $20. Individual packs are also available for applications at home ($35) or as a boxed, two-month supply for $250.



Specializing in Brazilian Bikini Waxing 

Professional full body waxing is available for men and women.

Our Aesthetician has a medical background as a Registered Nurse.  With her expertise, our guests can have confidence their waxing services will be provided for in a very clean, comfortable and professional manner.

French Twist Hair & Skin Beauty Bar-kb

Full Leg Waxing – $70
Half Leg Waxing – $50
Brazilian Waxing – $95
Bikini Waxing $30-$60
Bikini & Full Leg Waxing – starts at $85
Axilla Waxing (Underarm) – $30
Brow Waxing – $15
Lip Waxing – $10
Chin Waxing – $10
Arm Waxing – $35
Gentleman’s Back Waxing $50-$70




SNS Gel Manicure – $35 solid color; $40 pink and white
Promotes natural nail growth

SNS Gel Powder is designed to support the growth of natural nails while providing a long lasting polish with incredible shine, durability and strength for 2 weeks or more.
The organic dipping powder, fortified with vitamin E and Calcium, keeps your natural nails healthy and strong without the use of skin damaging UV lights. Our application process does not utilize harsh chemicals and is odorless.

French Twist Spa Pedicure – $40
Incorporates relaxation with a perfect polish

Our signature Spa pedicure starts with an essential oil soak and sea salt exfoliation. Special attention is given to calloused areas with our enzyme treatment. Nails are cleansed, shaped, buffed and cuticle care is provided. The leg massage is performed after our extra emollient cream has been wrapped in hot towels to allow our natural essential oils to penetrate.We finish with a polish application of your choice. Hot Stones and/or paraffin add-on treatments are available.

French Twist Pedicure – $30
Refreshed and Refined

Enjoy a relaxed foot soak that follows up with a sea salt exfoliation treatment. The nails are cleansed and shaped. Cuticle care is provided. Foot and leg massage is provided with our rich emollient cream. We complete your service with a polish application of your choice. Hot Stones and/or Paraffin add-on treatments are available.

Complete Spa Manicure – $25.00
This service includes the removal of dry cuticles with an alpha hydroxy cream, exfoliating salt scrub and a luxurious moisturizing hand and arm massage. Your treat ends with a polish application of your choice.

Basic Spa Manicure – $15.00
Your hands are cleansed in a rich emollient and your cuticles are treated with an alpha hydroxy cream and the hands and arms are massaged in a rich moisturizing lotion followed by an application of your choice of polish.

Nail Service Add-Ons
Polish Change $10
Nail Repair $5
Hot Stones $10
Paraffin $10
French Manicure or Pedicure $5 addition
Extended massage 15 minute increments $15

Because of our attention to individualized and detailed care, you can feel confident in our commitment to sanitation. Appointments are made to allocate proper housekeeping. Spa services are delivered with the highest standard of safety and health. All surfaces are disinfected before and after each client. Our pedicure spa is cleaned with a disinfectant before and after every pedicure service. Our filter, jets and tub are flushed through a rinse cycle with a detergent and bleach solution after every service. Our prices reflect the use of sanitized and clean implements for each client receiving nail care.

Employment Opportunities

Now Offering a Progressive Avenue to Booth Rental in an
Upscale, Professional Atmosphere

If you are a visiting stylist or makeup artist traveling in for a wedding or special event, looking for a professional, temporary work environment. Work in the midst of the fun and entertainment found in Historic Jamestown. Rent a station for the day in our beautifully decorated salon. We are situated between the popular rhythm of The Deck and the finest crafted beer and imported wine from Potent Potables.

Our spa is conveniently located directly above the freshest, down home southern food from the soul, SidWill’s. We are also in close proximity to the famous Southern Roots and trending Full Moon Oyster Bar. Take advantage of our gracious, free parking and follow the scent of handmade soaps at The SoapLady. Only a few steps away visit a working art studio and shop, River Twist. Shop for hand dyed yarns and gifts at Out of Hand. Take your savings over to the best priced diamonds, jewelry and gold, found at Jamestown Jewelers.

We have the location, parking, stylist station, equipment, and offer access to all of our salon amenities, commission on retail, coffee & tea bar, telephone land line, and more. Towel service and back bar available by request.

For only $60, you and your guest can enjoy all of our benefits. Call Kelly at 336-987-7122 or send us a message!

No cash refunds – exchanges can be made with products and our Independent Stylists may use their discretion to offer a service as an exchange.